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Filter Coffee - Brazil - Beans or Ground - Horsham Coffee Roasters

From Horsham Coffee Roasters:


Tasting Notes: Nutty, Chocolate, Stone Fruit

Brewing: This coffee works well with all filter brewers and espresso. 
Filter: 15g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 45ml

Brazil Inhame is a small family farm with 28 hectares of coffee trees located near to the town of Campos Altos. We were introduced to the farm by Bruno Souza, owner of Academia do Cafe, a Q Grade, coffee farmer and one of the most experienced coffee professionals in Brazil. 

Inhame produces about 500 x 60kg bags of speciality grade coffee every year. We were able to purchase almost half their total production for the most recent 2019 harvest. By working directly with producers we are able to ensure that our purchase makes a real difference, and that we are paying a sustainable price with the majority of the money making its way back to the farmer. 

The farm is owned by Marco Aurelio and is managed in partnership with his son Bruno (an agronomist). They have a strong environmental focus concentrating on preservation of local water sources and indigeonous fauna and floral. Harvesting is done using a combination of mechanical and manual picking. They use a selective mechanical approach that does a great job of picking cherry that is ripe and leaving unripe cherry on the trees. After harvesting the coffee is dried on concrete patios until reaching 30% moisture content. The coffee is then moved to mechanical driers that gently reduce the moisture content down to 12%. This method helps to free up drying space on the concrete patios as it can be challenging to find enough drying room during the peak harvest time.

After drying the coffee is milled to remove defects and contamination and packed in a new type of bag. The inside is a plastic liner that protects the coffee from moisture and ensures it remains fresh. The outer liner is an eco paper bag (similar to large potato sacks) and we make sure this is recycled.

We love the tradtional flavour profile of this Brazil. It is clean with hazelnut, milk chocolate and some gentle dried fruit notes. 

Varietal –  Catuai
Preparation – Natural Natural
Location – Campos Altos, Cerrado Mineiro
Altitude – 1200 masl

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