The Gift of Tea - Black

Includes : Five Teas & Teapot

Ever wanted to get a loved one up and running on the loose leaf tea front? One way is to talk the language that they are used to hearing. If they are used to having black tea with milk - then this gift bundle could be for them 

We all know that a teapot and loose leaf tea turn a house into a home. 

The simplicity of adding hot water, waiting, sharing and enjoying is a perfect antidote to the pace of society.


This gift set includes five of tea which are strong enough to have milk added to them, but are also delicious black.

They deliver different levels of sweetness, punch and malt as well and nuances in flavour that will allow the drinker to recognise difference between an Assam and a Yunnan, A broken leaf versus a tippy large leaf. 

Of course, you can add more teas by having a browse through the rest of our shop.


Teas included :

English Breakfast - Our standard version of this classic. Grown and blended in Sri Lanka. 

Assam Breakfast - A clonal broken orange pekoe, similar to our English Breakfast in terms of punch, but with added sweetness and malt

Yunnan Breakfast - A large leaf tea from South West China, delivering robustness and chocolate on the palate

Ceylon Kenilworth - OP grade, whole leaf. Delivering great body with notes of citrus. A clean cup with or without milk. 

Assam Khongea - Our favourite small farm in the state of Assam. Nuanced, bright, super sweet, strong enough to take milk. Golden tips.


Along with the teas the gift set also includes a ForLife Stump teapot. We use these in our cafes and feel that they offer a great balance between brew quality and ease of use. Brewing an approximate volume of 500ml they are suitable for two-three cups. (Colour sent may differ to that shown in picture)






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