The Gift of Tea - Orange

Includes : Five Teas & Teapot

Ever wanted to get a loved one up and running on the loose leaf tea front? Well this the perfect way. 

We all know that a teapot and loose leaf tea turn a house into a home. 

The simplicity of adding hot water, waiting, sharing and enjoying is a perfect antidote to the pace of society.


This gift set includes five of our most popular teas - providing something for everyone in a perfect gift bundle.

Of course, you can add more teas by having a browse through the rest of our shop.


Teas included :


English Breakfast

Assam Khongea

Earl Grey

White Peach Blossom 

Ginger and Lime Rooibos


Along with the teas the gift set also includes a ForLife Stump teapot. We use these in our cafes and feel that they offer a great balance between brew quality and ease of use. Brewing an approximate volume of 500ml they are suitable for two-three cups. (Colour sent may differ to that shown in picture)






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