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Work From Home Pack

Here's something. 

A working from home kit to get you up and running in the world of tea.

No, we're not talking the same as going to the tea aisle in the local supermarket...!

It's a selection of fresh, farm direct, loose leaf teas to begin your tea journey with.

As well as a couple of the classics - we include a number of teas that will allow you to begin exploring the tea world. (Think wine, if that helps)



75g English Breakfast

75g Waterloo Breakfast

50g Earl Grey

50g Dragonwell

35g White Peach Blossom

75g Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong

75g Peppermint Rooibos (Caffeine Free)

75g Tangerine & Ginger (Caffeine Free)


Create your tea cabinet and supplement it with your favourites as time goes by.