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YUKO @ Waterloo Tea Penarth - November 2017


Japanese Supper Club  “Seasonal Japan”  at Waterloo Tea, Penarth


We have introduced two sitting times - one for 7.30pm and the other for 8.15pm. Please choose the best one for you when booking. If we are sold out for your preference please do get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate you.


Set menu (vegan or non vegan)  £23

Seasonality plays a very important role in Japanese culture and cuisine. The peak season of a particular ingredient is called its shun (旬) and the shun of popular foods are keenly anticipated each year: winter dishes are hearty and warming, spring dishes include seasonal ingredients such as cherry blossom petals, summer dishes are light and cooling, and autumn dishes reflect autumn colours and use ingredients from the autumn harvest. During my Japanese Supper Club, I’ll introduce local seasonal ingredients in a Japanese way.

The dish will be a complete set - vegan or non vegan containing:

  • Four small side dishes, which are cooked or fresh seasonal vegetables
  • A main dish with cooked vegetables, please choose vegan or non-vegan (choice of meat or fish)
  • A small plate of vegetable sushi rolls or rice dish
  • A bowl of miso soup

Homemade traditional Japanese desserts are available for an extra charge. The menu for the desserts will be provided on the day.


Set menu for Saturday 25th November

£23 (incl. one main and all sides)


Please choose one main:

Chicken karaage Japanese style fried chicken


Gyudon A bowl of rice topped with thin slices beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet
soy sauce and sake (Sushi rolls will not be included with this main)

Shiromi-zakana Pan-fried white fish topped with vegetables cooked in a sweet and sour amazu ankake ankake sauce


Agedashi tofu (vegan) Deep-fried tofu in a savoury dashi sauce

SIDES (All sides are vegan)

Vegetarian sushi rolls 4 vegetable sushi rolls, pickled ginger (NOT included with Gyudon)

Miso soup Wakame seaweed and leek

Kakiage tempura Edamame beans, onion and carrot fritters in a savoury dashi sauce

Renkon kinpira Sesame lotus roots sauté

Yaki negi Grilled leeks marinated in yuzu citrus sauce

Namul Korean style salad with sesame oil, soy dressing



Homemade Japanese Dessert


Strawberry daifuku mochi (vegan/gluten free) £3.80
Soft tender white mochi with sweet azuki beans paste wrapped
around a whole strawberry

Green tea roll cake with chestnuts £4.50
Roasted chestnuts and sweet azuki beans paste filling, 
served with azuki whipped cream

Tofu lemon & orange cheesecake (vegan/gluten free) £4.80
Creamy tofu with zest of lemon and orange filling in buckwheat
and rice flour crust, with berries sauce. You won’t believe it’s made of tofu!!

Green tea chocolate cake £4.80
Rich green tea chocolate cake, with azuki whipped cream



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