Waterloo Tea in the City

So yes, we have decided to venture into the centre of Cardiff.

We haven’t done this lightly. Our first two locations were specifically chosen for being ‘just off the beaten track’ – so that they could become destination places, not having to conform to the needs of the main stream.

When we saw the city centre venue, it captured our hearts. We felt that we could remain individual in a sea of homogeneity. We felt that we had something to add and could do this in our own way. In many aspects, it still followed the theme of Waterloo Gardens Teahouse and Washington Tea.

Set in a beautiful Edwardian arcade, and just off the Hayes, it ticked the box that we always look for. Character. Wyndham arcade has this in abundance.

Keen to always be offering something new, and not merely performing a roll out, we have come up with a few additions to our script.

Firstly, we will have a bakery on the upper level. Our cakes will be baked here and used across the teahouses. We will be expanding our range and format of cakes, to satisfy the retail cake demand that we have seen in our other stores.

Secondly, as the store is over two floors we have opted for a 1st floor lounge. Not posh or unapproachable, just elegant and refined. The ground floor will have a dedicated tea tasting area, and our service will be changing from counter to table service.

Thirdly, if you have visited us before you will know that we retail tea/coffee ware in our stores, as well as coffee beans and tea leaves. Retail will be a bigger part of what we do,. We aim to be the place that you think of when you would like to buy equipment or ingredients for home use. We will be continuing our theme of representing quality focused and innovative companies for our retail offerings.

Finally, our food offering will be expanded. We felt that there was a need for fresh food of quality and provenance. We hope to be this offering in the city centre. Our chefs are valued as much as our front of house team and their pedigree is mouth watering. In a sense, the commitment we displayed to sourcing and serving our hot drinks, we are now keen to mimic with our food.

We hope you will enjoy all of the thought and care that has gone into the making of our third teahouse.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndham Tea.

*Set to open in July 2014