We have opened our beautiful teahouses back up, with a focus on safety but also aiming to ensure an enjoyable experience.

All stores are open indoors, with outdoor/arcade seating also!

As well as the expected teas/coffees/cakes we have launched a new all day menu.

We hope you have all been well and very much look forward to seeing you soon.

If you really wish to discover what Waterloo Tea is all about, come and visit one of our teahouses!

Our main objective is to have a venue of outstanding quality which  welcomes people from all backgrounds. No airs, graces or pretence – just a relaxed atmosphere with something different to offer from the norm.

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all day menu

cinnamon fruit loaf 3.5 

sourdough or brown seeded toast 3

chai spiced french toast, creme fraiche, compote 8.5

poached eggs, hollandaise, sourdough or seeded toast, spinach 7.5

smashed avocado, sourdough or seeded toast, feta, chillli oil (vegan option available) 8

homemade beans, sourdough or seeded toast, smoked tea infused tomato sauce (vegan) 7.5

sauteed wild mushrooms, sourdough or seeded toast, spinach, herb aioli (vegan) 8

panko chicken ciabatta, sriracha mayo and 'slaw, side salad 9

welsh rarebit, infused with yunnan tea, leeks, smoked cheese, side salad 8

welsh cheddar sandwich, seeded bread, pickled red onion, plum chutney, baby gem, served with side salad 7

smoked salmon sandwich, seeded bread, lemon and chive creme fraiche, pickled cucumber served with a side salad 8

pulled jackfruit ciabatta, smoked tea bbq sauce, avocado mayo, pickled red cabbage, served with side salad (vegan) 9

roasted sweet potato and chickpea salad, green goddess aioli, tomato, peppers, red onion, leaves, date vinaigrette (vegan, gf) 8

soup, sourdough or seeded bread (vegan) 7