Freshly Roasted Coffee - Beans or Ground - Clifton Coffee - 250g or 1kg

Cadence espresso is the next evolution of Clifton Coffee's seasonal house espresso offering. They have focused this product on bright, fruit forward and complex coffee taste profiles. Their first version of Cadence espresso is a 50/50 blend of two delicious coffees from neighbouring East African countries.

50% Rwanda | Huye Mountain (Natural)

Huye Mountain coffee was started by David Rubanzangabo in 2012, initially working with 500 local smallholder farmers over 28 hectares. They now work with over 1,300 farmers and have performed well in national awards achieving 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence. Rich volcanic soils, climate and tropical rainfall provide a perfect growing region for the Bourbon variety. This coffee is responsible for the juicy fruit forward cranberry notes in this coffee.

50% Burundi | Muyinga (Natural)

Burundi Muyinga is processed by Ikawa Nziza dry mill located at 1750masl in the Gashoho Commune, in the northern part of Burundi. The best lots are referred to as ‘Ngoma’, a nod to the traditional drums that are used in sacred ceremonies in the region. This delicious lot brings a complex floral tea-like note and an abundance of sweet nutty character.

    You can choose to have it as:

    Whole bean (if you have a grinder at home)

    Ground (if you don't have a grinder at home) 

    We also have decaf options available for you here.

    Whole Bean/Ground: 250g Whole Bean