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Welcome to Waterloo Tea 

Waterloo Tea is committed to an ongoing exploration of the world's finest teas.

Our aim is to present to you the best teas of each origin and processing style and for those teas to be brewed to perfection.

Welcome to our world.

News & Events

New Teahouse - Lakeside Cardiff

September 05, 2017

Very proud to have opened our 4th teahouse in the lovely neighbourhood of Lakeside. Reminiscent of our original Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, the area has a local community that love the nicer things in life, is easy to get to, close to parks and with good parking. Our goal is to again create a hub for the area where friends can catch up, meetings can take place and of course, where we can share the passion we have for speciality tea, coffee and good food. We will be open late on Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 'til 10.30pm as a late night cafe when you don't necessarily want to go for a meal or a pub. Cakes, teas (think herbal, caffeine free),...

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Yuko Harris - Japanese Pop Up - September 30th - Penarth

September 01, 2017

Yuko is back, with her legendary authentic Japanese food pop ups. Always sold out - we advise to get in quick and reserve your seats.   Book here  

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Welsh Aeropress Championships 2017

August 09, 2017

We are proud to announce that we, along with La Marzocco, will be hosting the Welsh Aeropress Championships in 2017.The Aeropress is widely accepted as being the first piece of equipment that people will buy when they fall in love with coffee. Easy to use, cheap to buy, fairly indestructible.The Aeropress Competition is designed around the same principles. No slick presentations needed, no expensive purchasing of accessories. You brew something delicious, the judges taste without knowing who brewed it.Tastiest = Champion. Heres how to enter 

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YUKO @ Waterloo Tea Penarth - September  2017
YUKO @ Waterloo Tea Penarth - September 2017 Sold Out - Back in Soon - £18.00
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Turmeric and Ginger, Organic
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Waterloo Tea Sample Pack
Waterloo Tea Sample Pack £40.00
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Silver Needle
Silver Needle from £11.00
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Matcha (High Grade)
Matcha (High Grade) from £30.00
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Iron Godess of Mercy
Iron Godess of Mercy from £9.00
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Afternoon Tea Vouchers
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