Raw Food at Wyndham Tea

December 31, 2014

Those of you who know us are probably aware that we are not the happiest when standing still. The past few years has seen us launch good tea in the cafe sector and more recently we have set about delivering food within the teahouses that is on a par with the quality of drinks that are on offer. Our aim throughout has been to be innovative, leading the way as opposing to following existing trends. 

With respect to food, this approach is not without its risks. However, our first goal is to enjoy what we are doing, to believe in the quality of our offerings and for it to have reason. There is no doubt that we would probably turnover more if we sold fry-ups and burgers, but there is also no doubt that we would be an unhappy bunch, going through the motions.

This January, starting from Wednesday 7th, we will be launching a Raw Food section to our menu at Wyndham Tea. 'Raw' relates to food that hasn't been cooked above a certain temperature, so that it keeps certain enzymes/nutrients. High temperatures also lead to vitamin loss, for example Vitamin C.

We will still have regular options on the menu, so you will be able to order your favourite dishes. The Raw section of the menu will be there to offer you the choice.

Alongside this we will be launching vegetable and fruit juices. They will be freshly pressed in our kitchen, using a masticating juicer.

If you work in the centre of Cardiff then a Monthly Juice Subscription may be of interest. £80 will allow you a juice every weekday. The aim of this is to encourage those of you who would like to start the journey for eating/drinking well to form a routine. Subscriptions can be purchased in store and will soon be available on our online shop.

Finally, sugar. We will move away from unrefined sugars both front and back of house. This approach will also be rolled out in our teahouses in Penylan and Penarth.

As we started out by saying at the beginning of this post - this approach is not without risks. If this is your bag then show your support and let us know that there is a market for this. It will begin as a trial for January, we would ideally like to keep Raw Food as permanent menu items. 


We hope you enjoy all of this as much as we enjoy creating it for you.


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