Our Coffee

We are proud to work with the best roasters in the land. HasBean, James Gourmet and Square Mile. We also have guest coffee from friends in other roasteries - such as Workshop.

Our coffee is fresh, having been locally roasted no more than two weeks before hitting your cups. Being a teahouse you may think that our coffee would be so-so. However, as with everything else here, expect the best.

We offer filter coffee that is brewed by the cup or carafe - always freshly ground and made to order.

Should you like what you drink, we have retail bags of coffee for sale. Should you not have a grinder, then we can grind the beans in store. (We always recommend that you grind your coffee at home, to order)

We regularly host barista training evenings as well as coffee cupping mornings. Get in touch to find out when the next sessions will be held.

There is no surcharge for soya milk or decaffeinated coffees.