Weekend of Poetry at the Teahouse.

Saturday 16th 6pm-8pm. Open Mic.

Jam Bones presents an evening of poetry and prose

A showcase and open mic of dark, melancholy, romantic, sensual, and moody poetry and prose. Bring a poem or piece of literature that you’d like to share, either written by yourself or by a favourite writer, or simply come along and listen in our atmospheric, candle-lit venue. Contact if you’d like to take part.

Sunday 17th 6pm-8pm. Written Roath.

with Shelagh Weeks, Peter Finch and Dan Anthony

Location and the experience of place informs Dan Anthony’s writing, often taking surprising, tangential twists. The Albany Hotel, in Donald Street, became a global local for Radio Wales, in ‘Pub Globo’; Amesbury Road was the spot where a time travel tale reached its resolution and the greenhouse in Roath Park is the spot, where, at night, plants are trained to take over the world by a crazy professor from the university.
Peter Finch is a poet, critic, author and literary entrepreneur living in Cardiff, Wales. As a writer he works in both traditional and experimental forms, and is best known for his declamatory poetry readings, his creative work based on his native city of Cardiff and his series of books on Wales.
I’m walking through Roath, the classic worker’s town. Its meshed terraces spread east from the industrial city. Roath originally stretched the whole way from the Crockerton East Gate to the Rumney River. Rath. Raz. The name has a hard, pre-British sound. There’s a theory, which I like enormously, that the city should never have been called Cardiff in the first place. Its original name was Roath…
Shelagh Weekscurrently lives in Cardiff and works as a lecturer in creative writing at Cardiff University. She also has a first novel out, and writes short stories, including ‘Mint Sauce’ which won the Cinnamon Pres short story award in 2007. Shelagh is presently working on a collection of inter-connected short stories, beginning in Bristol in the early twentieth century, and later moving across the bridge to take in Cardiff and other places. Major characters from one story brush the edges, or are glimpsed, in subsequent stories.