Working in Partnership with Rishi Tea

We have been privileged to work with Rishi Tea over the last few years and  we have now cemented our relationship.

Rishi embody many of our values and aspirations. They are passionate about Organic certifications and Fair Trade. Aprroximately 90% of their teas are organic. They have also initiated 3 seperate fair trade projects in China and support projects in India and Africa. Over the past few years Rishi has become the largest payer of Social Premiums for tea to China, accounting for more that 40% of all remittances to Fair Trade tea projects there. An example of the work that is done can be seen here....

Most importantly however, they are responsible for some of the Worlds best teas. Year on year, Rishi has produced the most first place winnners at the World Tea Championships, which are independently judged by industry experts. Teas that we carry that have won these awards are :

China Breakfast

Earl Grey (Yes - we have the best Earl Grey in the World!)

Jasmine Green and Jasmine Pearl



Silver Needle

Osthmanthus Silver Needle

Peppermint Rooibos

Cinnamon Spice.

Our online shop describes in detail all the teas that we now hold. These will constantly change due to new harvests and the introduction of rare teas every so often.

Due to this partnership we are also looking for outlets and retailers to represent these teas that we are so proud of. We have always encouraged a culture of openess and togetherness, and would love the chance to help in any way we can with new openings or existing ventures. We have first hand experience in delivering fine teas in a cafe environment, winning best Cafe in 2009and we would love to share our ideas with you or to be a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off. Contact us for more details.

We are always looking to strengthen and increase our portfolio of teas and and constantly researching and travelling in order to continue offering the Worlds finest.

Get in touch. Drink Tea. Enjoy the best.

With love. x