Creating a Tea Menu for TEDGlobal 2011.

The brief was to create a tea menu for TEDGlobal 2011Edinburgh. Our aim was to represent quality and range. We wanted to have a list that if taken individually was outstanding, and if taken as a whole was complete. At the teahouse we get away with this as we have over 60 teas in our caddies.

Working closely with Brent Fortune (Coffee Common) and Anthony Benda (Cafe Myriade) we came up with something that we think is special.

There are 9 teas. All are unadulterated single estate except for one infusion (peppermint rooibos).

The Menu is here for you to see TEDTEA

After TEDGlobal 2011 is over (16/07/2011), you will be able to buy this selection of teas as a pack from our online shop.

With Love