Waterloo Tea at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, Vienna, June 2012

So, we decided to hit the road.

Having been to many an exhibition and seen how tea suppliers presented themselves, we picked the best bits, avoided the worst bits, and came up with the following. 


a) Boiler Set-up

You know, I always bang on about hot water delivery systems. When we decided to do the SCAE, boilers were our first thought. We wanted a system that gave us versatility, output and one that engaged with the public. We spoke with Paul Stack from Marco who came up with a set-up that ticked all the boxes.

Two Uber Fonts, with each font having two eco boilers undercounter. These four boilers are set at 65, 75, 85 and 95 Degrees Celsius, allowing all classifications of teas to be brewed. Each boiler has a capacity of 4 litres. We decided to go with this as we will be rotating the teas we serve. In 'the real world' depending on where you are, you could increase the size of the most popular temperature boiler.

The built in scales in the Uber font also take away the need to have sets of scales lying around, making the bar neater. Image wise, the Uber font is already an icon - recognised by people in the industry, noticed by members of the public.

b) Teaware

We decided to opt for HARIO Japan teaware. The reason is that they make glass like no other. Precise and elegant. For exhibitions such as this it is important to show off the colour of the infusions you brew. We on the whole will be using the Ice Tea Pot 'Baby Leaf' (MD-10BL). Although we will only be making the odd carafe of iced tea, we find that this vessel works best in this environment. It allows you to brew a litre at a time, full immersion. When you decant into another vessel the strainer at the top holds back the leaves. This allows you the option of re-infusing should the tea allow. Again, this is engaging for the the people on the other side of the counter, and acts as a demonstration in itself.

On top of the HARIO ware, we will be brewing small batches in gaiwans, particular to an attendants needs.


c) Interaction

We will be launching our new wholesale 'app' in Vienna. We were growing tired of sitting down with customers with a4 sheets of paper, or glossy brochures. We thought an interactive programme which told our story and showed our products would be the best way to communicate what we were trying to achieve.


d) Chairs

So you can sit down.


Photos will follow upon our return.