Cardiff's Food and Drink Society feeding our NHS staff.

As a lot of you may know, we have been busy working with other food businesses to feed our NHS staff over the last week. From a standing start we have delivered over 3,500 meals in our first week.…

#FeedTheHeath is how the project is known on social. @FeedTheHeath

Working with the likes of James Sommerin, Penylan Pantry, Cinnamon tree, Milkwood, Juboraj, Wallys Deli, Brod, The Early Bird, Wellfield Fish bar, Penylan Preserves, Cakes By Angela and others - we have aimed for this to be a truly collaborative effort. Cowshed Communications and Full Stop Accounts have also kindly volunteered their time to help us with the project. Go Panda are our delivery partners. Although we raised the flag for this project to begin, as we all know, ideas by themselves are nothing without great people to take them forward. Thank you to all involved.

Our partners on the ground are the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity and CVUHB - who are helping with delivery once on site as well as knowledge on requirements at different hospital sites. Amazing teams to be working alongside. Keep supporting them when this is over. Hospitals should be flooded with our spare cash.

The set up is simple - our local food and drink businesses (like everyone else in our community) is keen to help in any way we can and that is safe to do so. We set up a fundraising page which pays for ingredients so that the businesses involved can cook for the NHS staff. Everyone involved is volunteering their time and there are no admin fees or staff wages involved with what we are doing.

Please donate if you are able to, spread the word, and stay tuned for updates on the Go Fund Me page. We have scheduled another 10 weeks for this project - so please help where you can.

Much Love.
Drink Tea.