Chinese Teas 2018

We now have in store 2018 harvest teas from China. A recent sourcing trip highlighted a well known fact in the tea world - most of the best teas in China - remain in China. The growing middle class and the higher regard that is placed on tea in the culture in Asia has meant that this is true, and also become a growing phenomenon. It truly is a delight to see cultures and nations across the world leading the way in many fields.

Our mission when we visited this Spring was to uncover some hidden gems, find farming practices that were unique and ethical, and to do all of this whilst building relationships with farmers with whom we had synergy.

The results are now beginning to land in the UK, and they are spectacular. For all the teas below they are the highest quality we have had in each of the processing styles. There are many more on the way too - some familiar, some new to our tea portfolio. So do keep checking in to see what we have received recently. 


Silver Needle - Spring 2018 harvest

A juicy and succulent version of the the high end benchmark for white teas.

Golden Needle
Buds that have been processed as a black tea - vs as a white tea as is the case with a Silver Needle. An insanely refined chocolate impact on the palate - the highest end black tea we have in stock.

Yunnan Gold
High proportion of golden tips in a tea that can be seen as a gateway drink. Delivering good body and malt chocolate.

Yunnan Breakfast
Remember this one? We have brought it back into play. Larger leafed and higher grade than the Yunnan Breakfast of a few years ago - but still able to act as the perfect breakfast tea, allowing drinkers to enjoy black or with milk. An alternative to unadulterated Assams and Ceylons.

Mao Jian Buds - early Spring 2018
Our highest grade Chinese Green tea - but with more Long Jing due in soon. Processed as a green from buds and delivering incredible fresh sweetness to set it apart from lower grade greens commonly found in the market.