Darjeeling 1st Flush. Why all the fuss?

Every year the tea world eagerly anticipates the arrival of the Darjeeling 1st Flush. Being the most Westerly point in Asia where tea is traditionally harvested, it is the first opportunity to taste fresh tea.

We have partnered with the Glenburn estate for a number of seasons due to their meticulous approach.

The lot we have secured is DJ3 - FTGFOP1 CH
Using a Chinese cultivar it is highly withered, gently rolled with no pressure for 10 minutes and then directly dried to prevent oxidisation.

As you will no doubt be aware - 1st Flushes are green in character - to preserve the nuanced profile that develops over the winter, and released when the leaves shoot. As you move through the seasons Darjeelings tend to get oxidised more, such as with the 2nd Flush (early Summer) and to a much higher degree with the monsoon harvests (grown under high moisture and heat conditions - fast growth, less nuanced, heavily oxidised - these would fall into the 'commodity grade' Darjeelings).


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