New Food Menu - January 2023

Our goal with this menu was to firstly, continue to offer deliciousness, freshly prepared in our kitchens, using local suppliers.

Considering the economic climate, we wanted to ensure that there was something suitable for all. As a result, we have launched a range of brunch brioches, that are both filling and keenly priced.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do.


Toast 3.5

Cinnamon fruit loaf, sourdough, brown, gf bread. Butter &  preserves

Banana bread (ve) 4.5

Warmed banana bread, with espresso & cinnamon spread

Overnight oats  (ve) 5.5

With chai spiced apple &  seeds


brunch brioches

Fried egg & smoked cheese 6

with red onion marmalade & sriracha mayo

Merguez sausage & fried egg 6

with sriracha mayo

Smoked salmon 6.5

with dill & horseradish cream cheese, pickled cucumber



Poached eggs 8.5

2 poached eggs, spinach, homemade hollandaise, sourdough

Avocado(ve) 9.5

Smashed avo, miso ‘butter’, crispy onion, seeds, chilli oil, sourdough

Mushroom(ve) 8.5

Sauteed mushroom, spinach herb aioli, sourdough

Welsh rarebit(v) 9

Made with leeks, smoked cheese & Yunnan tea,  served with salad & chutney 

Chilli(ve)(served from 11.30) 8.5

Black bean chilli, flatbread, avocado coconut cream, pickled red onion

Panko chicken (served from 11.30) 9.5  

Hoisin glaze, pickles, lime mayo, brioche bun served with side salad

Soup(ve)(served from 11.30) 6

Soup of the day served with bread


Add ons: two poached eggs2.5 //smoked salmon4 // avocado4 //mushrooms3// merguez sausage4// 

v = vegetarian, ve = vegan