New Teahouse - Lakeside Cardiff

Very proud to have opened our 4th teahouse in the lovely neighbourhood of Lakeside. Reminiscent of our original Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, the area has a local community that love the nicer things in life, is easy to get to, close to parks and with good parking.

Our goal is to again create a hub for the area where friends can catch up, meetings can take place and of course, where we can share the passion we have for speciality tea, coffee and good food.

We will be open late on Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 'til 10.30pm as a late night cafe when you don't necessarily want to go for a meal or a pub. Cakes, teas (think herbal, caffeine free), coffees and puddings will feature on the menu.

With lots of plug points and wi-fi it should also be a perfect venue for meetings for those of you who work after regular hours and struggle to find places where you can connect with colleagues and clients.

You can find us at :
17-19 Clearwater Way, Lakeside, Cardiff, CF23 6DL.

We hope you enjoy the teahouse as much as we have enjoyed creating the space for you.