The Wellness Collection by Waterloo

Introducing the 'Wellness Collection' by Waterloo Tea. 

It's been a long time coming but after months of tasting, testing and tasting again we finally have four original wellness blends available for purchase.

Wellness is so frequently a buzzword that's thrown around without any real meaning and so we wanted to ensure that each of our blends had a specific purpose in mind. Calm, Detox, Energy and Immunity. 

Each tea has been specifically designed so they don't just work well but they taste great. They are the spearheads of these categories of teas, which we are now using to help filter our existing teas into to help ensure that you can find the teas that you want with as much ease as possible.


Lavender Calm

Our Lavender Calm blend is filled with brand new herbs that we've never stocked before. Lavender, holy basil (tulsi), lemon balm and raspberry leaf. Simple but effective. 

Lavender can so easily become overpowering yet it offers so many purported benefits when it comes increasing levels of calm. Reducing its quantity and combining it with lemon balm and holy basil allows a subtle lemon flavour to build up alongside it. Both of these herbs have been chosen to help soothe symptoms of stress and aid sleep. 


Detox Green

This blend of green tea, peppermint, nettle and fennel will leave your body feeling cleansed and new again.

Using these key ingredients has allowed to to create a balanced blend that can be used throughout the day to help get you out of a slump. It will work best in the morning to get over the night before or to drink after dinner to help aid digestion. 


 Immune Boost

Brimming with antioxidants, this wellness blend will give you a natural boost for your immune system. It's packed full of ingredients that are reputed to help defend against a common cold and flu.

Turmeric, ginger, orange, liquorice combined with a rooibos base to create a sweet yet fiery brew.


Wake-Up Maté

Give yourself a burst of energy with this Yerba Maté based wellness blend.

Maté helps to deliver an uplifting boost without the crash later on.

Combined with peppermint and lemon verbena this blend will awaken your senses and leave you energised for the day ahead.



Find our wellness collection here.