Rare Indian Tea Selection

Three neighbouring states in India.

Three farms of distinction.

Three stories to be told.


Beginning at the foot of the Himalayas.

An outstanding first flush delivering floral and brisk notes on the palate with incredible natural sweetness.

 From our favourite farm in Darjeeling - Glenburn estate. 2023 harvest.

A true classic.

Known as The Champagne of Teas and this Darjeeling certainly doesn't disappoint. 


Travelling through Meghalaya and collecting an Autumn harvest.

This is a delicate yet rich infusion from the state of Meghalaya which sits between Darjeeling and Assam. Originally designated for tea production when the British arrived 200 years, the plans were shelved and only revived in 2002 (Lakyrsiew translates as 'Awakening'). Since then, they have been producing teas of the highest quality, reaching huge figures at auction.

A true connoisseur's tea. Opening with subtlety and sweetness , followed by rich notes of chocolate and caramel.
The Autumn harvest being our favourite, we have exclusively purchased the top grade harvest.


Finishing off in Assam.

Rich, Malty and Sweet – All the characteristics you expect from a quality Assam. The benchmark to compare others against.

Khongea is situated in the upper reaches of the Assam region, on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River. Assam is the single largest tea-growing region in the world, producing great breakfast tea that goes well with milk and is prized for its rich, malty, and robust cup character. The finest Assam tea, produced during the Second Flush, has chunky golden tips. Assam tea’s strong character makes it the perfect base for Chai tea, or as the locals call it, Masala tea.
Although established in the late nineteenth century by two English tea-planting ladies, Khongea tea estate has been managed and owned by the Prakash family for over 50 years.


Three of our most loved Indian teas for many harvests.

Have something for everyone, and immerse yourself in the beauty, flavour and nuance that is tea.