Freshly Roasted Coffee - Beans or Ground - Clifton Coffee - 250g or 1kg

Think dark chocolate, dried currants and grapefruits.

A blend of washed and natural coffees with incredible sweetness, acidity and body.


In Divinolandia, Sao Paulo things are done a little differently; with small scale, family producers focusing on quality over yield. These select producers have been paving the way by producing consistently excellent coffee and inspiring other producers in the region of the potential of smaller, quality lots over commodity farming.


In July 2016, Coopade created a Women’s Section with the objective of allowing women coffee farmers to control and develop their own coffee production through the whole chain – from production through to export. The Women’s Section have built a total of 7 out of 15 Coopade washing stations to date. Their aims are to improve both coffee yields and coffee quality to secure better livelihoods for their families.


This Castillo, Colombia & Caturra blend represents six coffee producing municipalities of the Huila department. Comprised of coffee from the municipalities of Algeciras, Santa Maria, Neiva, Tello, Colombia and Baraya, this regional blend highlights the hard work of several producing partners from northern Huila, as well as generations of inherited knowledge. Cadefihuila is the oldest cooperative in the department and shares in our intention and objective of protecting the entire chain of production. The members have become a vital part in our selection process and we are grateful to their determination in sourcing high quality coffee from farmers with sustainable farming practices.


    You can choose to have it as:

    Whole bean (if you have a grinder at home)

    Ground (if you don't have a grinder at home) 

    We also have decaff options available for you here.

    Whole Bean/Ground: 250g Espresso Grind