World Tea Brewers Cup - June 23rd/24th 2016, Dublin

Following on from the success of the UK Tea Brewers Cup in 2015 we have decided to fulfill demand for there to be a World Tea Brewers Cup. Set up by Waterloo Tea and Postcard Teas the aim is to form a community where ideas can be shared leading to the creation of norms and best practice.

The date has been set to coincide with the World Of Coffee event taking place at the Royal Dublin Society, Ireland. This event will host competitions revolving around coffee - most notably The World Barista Championship, The World Brewers Cup and The World Aeropress Championships.

We felt there was no better place to launch our version of the World Tea Brewers Cup.


The format will be slightly different to the 2015 UK Tea Brewers Cup. The main changes are that points will solely be awarded on taste and not on presentation/oratory skills. 


Outline :  

Thursday 23rd June, All day - Heats.

Entrants will be given three teas and the clock will start for 45 minutes. In that time they will have to brew to the best of their ability the said teas. The brews can be handed in at any time.

After the scores are tallied the top three entrants will go through to the final. Upon the announcement the finalists will be given six teas that they will be able to take away and practise brewing with.


Friday 24th June, 3pm start - Finals.

The three finalists will be given the six teas again and will brew them one by one against each other. There will be a total of eight minutes given to brew each tea. 

On eight minutes the teas will be taken to the three judges who will individually assess each of the teas and choose the winning brew.

If there is a tie then all those who tie will receive a point each. 

After all six teas have been brewed the winner of the inaugural World Tea Brewers Cup will be announced.

Entry rules and scoresheets will follow shortly.


The water to be used will be supplied at the venues, as well as boilers. Scales and bowls (200ml) for the brews to be judged will also be provided. A small amount of tea ware will also be available. 


To enter - click here..


On Thursday Evening there will be a Social at the new Coffee Angel site in Dublin city centre. This event, sponsored by the UK Tea Academy, will play host to the community getting together for drinks, and discussions on the formation of a Tea Society, run by members, owned by members. 

Book your flights and accommodation - get ready enjoy the good times to be had in Dublin.


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