Sponsor Profile - Rishi Tea

One of the founding fathers of the renaissance of loose leaf tea with provenance, we are proud to have Rishi Tea involved with the inaugural World Tea Brewers Cup. We love their teas and the people behind the company. 

Here's them in their own words :

"Since 1997, Rishi Tea has led the market in sourcing organic teas and exotic botanicals of extraordinary character. This mission carries us around the globe every year at peak harvest seasons to work and taste side-by-side with growers in the fields. Discovering the many hidden gems of their traditional food cultures inspires our blends and invigorates our passion for the culinary arts. With an innovative spirit for trade, travel, and study, we welcome you to join us on our botanical journey to leave no leaf unturned.

With a history spanning thousands of years, tea has long been a global phenomenon. In our humbling two decades of travel among the diverse tea cultures of the world, we find that tea is more globalized each season than ever before. Not long ago, it was uncommon to find a tea company that could articulate to their customers the exact cultivars and harvest conditions of their teas. Today’s web savvy consumers demand not only greater quality, but also greater transparency in the form origin stories behind their favorite teas. Tea merchants are called upon to act as narrators of the tea season, providing photographs from the harvest and evidence of sustainability in their supply chain. This sharing of rich information alongside the product is a benefit to the tea industry as a whole. As consumers become better educated about where and how the best teas are grown, the become more selective. Their buying decisions increasingly encourage growers to implement organic farming practices and produce new, exciting styles of tea. Our recent experiences with organic oolong tea artisans in northern Thailand are one such example. The microclimate found in the mountains of Doi Mae Salong makes a unique and rare expression of the Taiwanese oolong cultivar strains planted there. With one taste of our Ruby Oolong, made by a third generation artisan in Doi Mae Salong, you can see why we are so excited by the broadening horizons in tea."

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