Sponsor Profile : The UK Tea Academy

We are proud to announce the UK Tea Academy as a sponsor for the Thursday Evening Social that will take place at the new Coffee Angel site in Dublin City Centre. If you will be visiting Dublin in June then do get in touch for entry to the event.

We have asked all of our sponsors to submit some information about themselves and also their thoughts on the tea industry....




"The UK Tea Academy was established in response to the growing interest in tea, the demand for improved quality ​and the need for more expertise around selecting, brewing and serving speciality tea. The UK Tea Academy offers the first ​comprehensive, ​certified tea training programme​ for F&B professionals​ - as well as interested amateurs. There are three levels of training: Tea Champion, Tea Sommelier and the ultimate achievement of Tea Master.

The UK Tea Academy was set up by a group of ​industry ​professional​s who had seen the coffee world capture the imagination and eclipse tea with superior training, equipment, design, PR and marketing. There was no comprehensive training available for tea in the UK, so professional tea education from the Tea Academy is designed to help breathe new life into the sector. Through increased awareness it will help restore the perception of tea as a gourmet, artisan product rather than a cheap commodity and the poor relation to coffee - and it will create a better understanding of the ancient history and fascinating culture, the skill involved in production and the huge range and level of quality now available from estates all over the world."

During the Thursday evening Social, as well as lots of non caffeine drinks (!) we will be having a talk from the UK Tea Academy and as a community we will be putting forward the concept of a European Tea Society. This has come about after discussion with many tea companies, as well as the UK Tea Academy.


"Launching in June 2016 as a non profit organisation, The European Tea Society is being set up as a forum for information exchange for everyone engaged with the tea industry. The aim is to encourage a commitment to quality, to develop sound business practices, to promote an awareness of environmental and social issues and to increase the reach of quality tea through training and events throughout the UK and Europe. Membership to the Society will be open to all those involved in commercial tea-related activities, from producers to importers and retailers.The European Tea Society will have a Board of Directors and core employees, but will not operate for financial profit for the members.

The European Tea Society will be a focus for the tea community, providing a platform and bringing together brands and people working in all arenas of the tea industry. It is about fostering a community, providing a voice and improving the perception and quality of tea in Europe. Plans are underway to launch a Tea Festival in London in the summer, encouraging all companies, large and small to promote their product and build excitement around the tea world - as well as hosting the World Tea Brewers Cup 2017. There is also a series of regular talks in the pipeline as well as monthly newsletter.

At the launch we are asking all those in the professional tea community and anyone with an interest in tea to contribute their ideas, their energy and enthusiasm to help craft a creative, imaginative body that will kick-start a new wave of quality tea and help shape the future position of tea in Europe."

At the social there will be discussion on what the industry needs in such a body with a view to collate thoughts to be built upon at the next meeting which will be held in London, Autumn 2016.

The first initiative of kind and with many companies pledging to get involved we hope that it will be the beginning of a forum that will allow stakeholders in the tea industry to work as one.

See you there!

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