Results - 2015

Firstly, perhaps we should say "Wow"

A truly incredible way to launch the concept and see the format work in action.

The purpose of the competition was to see new ideas brought to the table, as well as to provide a forum where members of the tea community could meet and talk. On both fronts, it was a success.


Final results were as follows :

1st - Andrew Tolley, Taylor Street Baristas, London

2nd - Yann Chalmers, 3FE, Dublin

3rd - Ruth Hampson, Bean and Bud,Harrogate

4th - Jessie May Peters, Gather and Gather, London

5th - Megan Marquadt, Tiosk, London

6th - Tom Koszel, TimberYard UK, London


Winner of the 1st round (Brewing three unknown teas within half an hour) :

Tom Koszel, TimberYard UK, London


The video of the winning performance can be seen here (Thanks to Vibe Creative)

More details to follow...

The overall winner : Andrew Tolley from Taylor Street Baristas.


Jonathan Nunn, Judge.


Kasim Ali, Judge.

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