Sponsor Profile - Solaris Tea

Solaris are well known for their herbal blends and tisanes - offering up something different from the norm. Irish too! Lovely to have them on board.

Here's them in their own words -

"Solaris Tea are a small independent Irish tea-blender who specialise in sourcing premium quality organic teas, and the sourcing and blending of the finest organic herbs and spices, direct from small independent plantations. Following extensive research by company founders, Master Tea Blender and Medicinal Herbalists (Bsc.Hons), Karin & Joerg Mueller. Solaris' Teas' have won over 13 'Great Taste' and Euro-toques awards, and Irish Quality Food Awards. We supply our teas to our customers in loose leaf and biodegradable silken bag options, packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

We love seeing the passion for tea growing among the up and coming generations and being a part of this transition. There are fewer and fewer times that we here people asking us for 'normal tea' or 'brickies tea' as many more peole in Ireland and London seem to becoming so much more opent to real quality tea and herbal infusions. We would like to see a Tea Association or the like developed to include those in the UK and Ireland who are doing great things to promote quality organic teas and direct sourcing, and further sustainability within the sector."

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