Malaysian Pop-Up, December 12th, Penarth

We are delighted to host Bakh, the co-founder of KL Canolog at Washington Tea on the evening of Saturday December 12th.

It will involve traditional Malaysian dishes, cooked and prepared by Bakh, using family recipes handed down through the generations.

"The food that we will be preparing for you, from the nibbles to the mains, are traditional and much loved local favourites in Malaysia. The Gado-gado, a dish originally from Indonesia, is very unique, there is no other salad dish like it. My Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce, Nasi lemak and Chicken Rendang I’m convinced are what my children will remember me by. My mother in law’s Laksa sauce is fabulous and my recipe is based on hers, thanks to my wife, Zainah. The desserts are a fusion of east and west, harmonising in form and ingredients, something we did quite a bit with desserts at KL Canolog.

Thank you, diolch and terima kasih!"

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