Assam - Khongea Estate

The best Assam we have ever had.

Malty and Sweet – All the characteristics you expect from a quality Assam. Khongea estate truly produces the best teas from this region that we have come across. A firm favourite of ours at Waterloo Tea. 

Khongea is situated in the upper reaches of the Assam region, on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River. Assam is the single largest tea-growing region in the world, producing great breakfast tea that goes well with milk and is prized for its rich, malty, and robust cup character. The finest Assam tea, produced during the Second Flush, has chunky golden tips. Assam tea’s strong character makes it the perfect base for Chai tea, or as the locals call it, Masala tea.

2022 harvest. 2nd Flush. TGFOPCL

Weight: 75g