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Sponsor Profile : Postcard Teas

May 18, 2016

Sponsor Profile : Postcard Teas

Postcard Teas have been a key player in the formation of the competition.  From chats during concept development through to helping judge the 2015 UK Tea Brewers Cup. At the Worlds Tim D'Offay will be judge and Postcard will also be represented as a Tea Sponsor. If you are ever in London, and need a go-to haven, there is no better place!

Here's them in their own words...


"We are English, Japanese and Chinese. Over 20 years of tea travels have enabled us to introduce 2 key concepts to tea: provenance and small tea. We pioneered provenance back in 2008 when we became the first tea company in the world to put the maker’s name and location on all our 60 teas including the blends. More recently we introduced the idea of small tea which is tea from small producers who farm less than 15 acres. We work with farms that produce small tea in 6 countries across Asia because we believe small producers of less than 15 acres are better for people, places, and planet than the larger producers who supply 99% of all the tea sold in the West including the teas sold as rare, fairly traded or beneficial to the environment. As with provenance, we are the first tea company in the world to sell tea exclusively from small farms."



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