Sponsor Profile - Canton Tea

Introducing the second of our Tea Sponsor Profiles - Canton Tea. We have been delighted to have a cross section of the tea industry keen to get involved, and the Tea Sponsors not only help cover some costs but also have their teas used by the competitors. Good guys, and helping to bring tea to new audiences. Sharing their passion for Camellia Sinensis. 

In their own words :

"Canton Tea Co is a truly independent, British company. We source high grade, handmade teas direct from the farms and build strong partnerships with the people who grow them. This is ethical trade without compromise.

Speciality tea is growing fast because people love to understand provenance and product. There's a real thirst for knowledge and quality.

The tea community needs to come together with a collective will to drive up quality, source direct, understand the best teas come from the smallest gardens - beyond Fair Trade and organic constraints. It is the younger, more
innovative, passionate speciality tea companies that are making a difference and getting this message out there."


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