Sponsor Profile - Good & Proper Tea

Based in London and aiming to capture the imagination of the public with the innovative use of the Steam Punk to brew teas, Good & Proper Tea is a welcome addition to the market, engaging and brewing expertly sourced tea well.


Here's them in their own words :

"Good & Proper Tea are London-based brewers & traders of loose-leaf tea. They both curate a growing collection of single origin teas from around the world and then custom brew them at their Tea Bars to ensure the best possible flavour in every cup. Best known for serving brews from their iconic 1974 Citroen van, they have also just opened a permanent Tea Shop in Clerkenwell, London, as well as a smaller Tea Bar in Shoreditch.

There has never been a more exciting time for tea. Thanks to a greater focus on provenance across the food & drink industry and an increasingly exciting specialty coffee market, the UK is finally waking up to the quality and variety tea has to offer, as well as the numerous health benefits that come with it. We feel very lucky to be a part of it."

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