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Sponsor Profile - Marco Beverage Systems

Delighted to be working with Marco for the World Brewers Cup. We know the company very well from having there boilers and fonts used across the teahouses. The system that we go for is 4 ecoboiler undercounters plus two uber style fonts on the counter, which allow 4 different temperatures to be used. Marco have also been our go to company for when we've done other external events.

Notorious in the world of Speciality Coffee and Tea for the accuracy of the now iconic Uber Boiler, Marco have in effect welcoming the World of Coffee show to their home town. Great guys. 

(Keep your eyes peeled for the boiler that'll be used for the competition - No multi temp kettles will be needed for the competition...)

Heres them in their own words 

"Marco Beverage Systems ltd is a leading Irish hot water delivery systems company specialising in providing creative ideas and solutions to coffee and tea brewers in the Food & Beverage Industry around the world. Marco is dedicated to providing excellent, reliable service with integrity and accountability.

The Speciality Tea market is at an exciting time with top tea blenders following the curve taken by speciality roasters in paying more attention to brewing temperatures and brewing times. Detailed specifications for tea preparation from white to green to oolong to black will move from the geeky toward the mainstream. Today’s food-aware consumer is moving from the dusty teabag to a more nuanced offering, whereby teas with clear provenance and accurate brewing profiles are sought and enjoyed. We at Marco are looking forward to meeting that need with our new hot water solutions used in the World Tea Brewer Cup. Come to booth G13 at world of coffee or to the World Tea Brewers Cup itself to see for yourself. We are delighted to be aligned with this exciting new entrant to the speciality beverage calendar." 

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