Tea Brewers Cup

In March we will be launching the first of its kind - a Tea Brewers Cup.

The competition will be held alongside the Coffee Brewers Cup which will be held in Cardiff on 21st/22nd March 2015.

We felt the brewing of tea and filter coffee had so much in common that it would be interesting for the events to be held side by side. Both represent the most natural forms of brewing, with little or no machinery. The movement towards 'slow' coffee and tea is something that we wanted to promote. (Compared against espresso coffee and "17 second" tea brews)

The idea behind the Tea Brewers Cup is two fold. Firstly to encourage innovation within the industry, whether it be related to tea, water, tea ware or brew methods. Secondly, we hope it will act as a forum for the tea community to gather and share ideas/experiences. 

The format of the competition will be heats (held on 21st March) and finals (held on the 22nd March).

During the heats contestants will be judged on their ability to brew three different teas within half an hour. The contestants will not have seen the teas before the heats.

The top 6 contestants will advance to the finals. They will be judged on a presentation given to the judges. Scores will be given for the strength of the presentation, as well as concept. Points will also be awarded for the quality of two brews that the finalists will need to prepare. They will be allowed to brew more than two teas for the purpose of highlighting the theme of their presentation, but these additional brews will not be scored. Competitors will have 15 minutes to present in the final.

Score sheets and details of how to enter will be released shortly.

Get brewing and be involved with the start of something special.


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