Judges Announced

With two weeks to go we are proud to announce the judges for the inaugural Tea Brewers Cup.

The decision on how to choose the panel was based on having an impartial, cross section of the tea community. No companies linked to the judges will be entering any contestants in the Brewers Cup.


Timothy D'Offay - Postcard Teas

Over 20 years ago while living in Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto, Tim became fascinated by tea culture and the tea growing areas around the city. Using Japan as a base, he soon started to explore the tea traditions of Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong as well. These experiences led him to start importing tea in the late 1990s from the people and places he had visited and in 2000 he co-founded East Teas at Borough Market with the tea expert Alex Fraser. Since then he has traveled extensively across Asia to many of the famous tea producing areas in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and China.


Angela Pryce - Angela Pryce

Angela Pryce is a master tea buyer and blender, tea expert and consultant. She has spent 14 years working in the UK for Twinings. Over the years her work has taken her to the far flung corners of the globe. Angela now operates an independent tea consultancy service, providing a tea blending service for the tea industry, writing and speaking about tea as well as offering a training service. She founded the business in 2014 to empower consumers, celebrate the stories behind every cup and to harness the power of tea (and food) to bring people together. Angela is also a judge for the UK' Great Taste Awards.


Kasim Ali - Waterloo Tea

In 2008, Kasim Ali, a former pharmacist, set about to change how tea was viewed in the cafe industry. After seeing the rise of cafe culture across the world he felt that tea was often served as an afterthought. Particularly interested in the science behind the cup and the interplay between East and West. Waterloo Tea has three teahouses and a wholesale division. 

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