Sencha. Tea of the month.

The most beloved tea of Japan. Shade grown before harvest leading to the famed deep green colour.

20% off during February.

Breakfast (tea) of Champions

Single farm from Assam. A delight both visually and on the palate.

Body, Malt, Sweet.


Put your feet up. In every sense. This is your time.

Afternoon Tea Takeaway

The perfect gift. 

Everything you expect from our Afternoon Tea's available to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or as a picnic every weekend! 

Available to collect on Saturday and Sunday between 10:30am and 11am from our Wellfield Road Teahouse - 41 Wellfield Road, CF24 3PA. 

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With 5 locations around Cardiff and Penarth, our award-winning teahouses offer a blend of all day brunch menus with hand-made speciality drinks. Contact our stores directly to book in an Afternoon Tea.

Wholesale Tea

Sharing our teas and knowledge with like minded partners

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