Sponsor Profile - BWT

We are very proud to have the BWT working with us on delivering a water solution for the  Tea Brewers Cup. As users of the BestMax Premium filters in the teahouses at Waterloo Tea we are happy to have them as partners in Dublin also. In our opinion they are truly leading the way in the world of water filtration specific to specialty Tea and Coffee.


Here's BWT in their own words :

"BWT is the number one water technology company in Europe, with annual sales exceeding €550 million.
BWT - Best Water Technology - that’s what we bring to Dublin - TOTAL water expertise – wherever people need it, we provide the Best Water…
· Luxury Water® for homes
· Mineralised drinking water for offices
· Ion exchange cartridges and RO units for catering
· Ultra-pure water for pharmaceuticals etc.
Backed up by the Best service and the very Best water chemistry expertise, BWT UK Ltd has had a huge impact on the UK coffee market, in fact our magnesium enhancing technology has become synonymous with the very Best in coffee.

We pride ourselves on making the Best Water for all hot beverages and speciality Tea is seeing a huge resurgence. Like espresso - Tea is 98% water. If you get the water wrong, the Tea will be wrong too! Working closely with our international partners Marco Hot Beverages we are pleased to be associated with this 2016 event.
Our Ion Exchange cartridges do not just filter water - they filter, treat and then blend. We have been challenged to prove the impact of water quality on tea and were asked to create THREE DIFFERENT WATERS.
Echoing our coffee cupping feature on stand F20, guests who visit the stand on Saturday will be able to taste for themselves how different water characteristics fundamentally change the taste of tea.
Once you have visited the stand, maybe you will say BWT also stands for Best Water for Tea!! See you there!"

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