Wellfield Road Teahouse

We have received and accepted an offer for our beautiful store on Wellfield Rd, from a local family who will become the owner operators. The working title of the new venture is ‘The Wellfield Social’, and the new owners will retain most of our staff, with the others staying in the Waterloo Tea family, based at our other sites across the city.

We appreciate the love and support that you showed us on Roath's high street. Nestled in between national chains, our aim was to show that independents, sourcing locally and with healthy menus in chef-led kitchens, do have a place on our local high streets. Weekend brunch services were something truly special!

Restoring the shop front to its former glory, whilst installing the latest in tea and coffee tech within the store was a satisfying balance to deliver.

By letting this space evolve under new ownership, we have freed up some funds to invest in a couple of exciting tea projects that we’ve been developing. Since Waterloo Tea first opened in 2008, our love for loose leaf tea has only deepened. In an era where conversations about ultra-processed foods and additives are increasingly prevalent, we believe that tea - requiring nothing but hot water - stands as the perfect antidote to our fast-paced lives. Our focus will continue to be on sourcing and celebrating the exceptional Camellia Sinensis plant and bringing you the finest tea experiences from our online store, and in our tea houses.

The nearest teahouse to our former Wellfield Road home is our OG site at Waterloo Gardens, a few minutes walk along the parks. You can also find us in the city centre in Wyndham Arcade, on Whitchurch Road, and in Penarth on Stanwell Road.

We will still be looking to grow our teahouses in the future and will keep you posted with any developments.

Much Love. Support the new guys, keep up your support for other indies.

Eat well and Drink well.